More Speakers Confirmed

Over the summer months we have been quite busy working on planning the June 2017 conference.  In addition to our featured keynote addresses by Wouter Hanegraaff, Linda Dalrymple Henderson, and Massimo Introvigne, we are happy to confirm a further distinguished roster of international scholars who will contribute to the conference. These include talks from Adrienne Baxter Bell (Marymount College), Robert Rix (Aalborg University, Denmark), William Rowlandson  (University of Kent, U.K.), Cordula Grewe (University of Pennsylvania), Anders Hallengren (Stockholm), Marco Pasi (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands), and Kristen Schaffer (North Carolina State University). Their papers will cover everything from Swedenborg’s place within eighteenth century theories of aesthetics, to considerations of particular individuals such as Jorge Luis Borges, Daniel Burnham, William Blake, and George Inness.  More scholars are being added to our list of participants, and we encourage prospective speakers to submit their paper abstracts in advance of the September 30th deadline.


George Inness_Sunset
George Inness, Moonrise (1887)

2 thoughts on “More Speakers Confirmed

  1. For those of us who cannot attend in person, please arrange to have the keynote speakers at least filmed and posted on UTube after a reasonable time. I know many people would love to share this information and watch as many lectures as possible. Thank you for organizing such a wonderful topic and symposium,
    Vara Sue Tamminga/ Webster, Texas

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  2. Dear Vara, thanks so much for your interest and excitement. We are planning to record at least part of the conference, and ideally stream some of it live-time. So we’ll keep folks posted. There are also already plans to publish a collected volume of the papers from the conference: perhaps a bit more durable than them getting archived on youtube.


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