In Memoriam: Richard Lines (1942–2017)

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Richard Lines (1942–2017). Still taken from Heaven, Hell, and Other Places: A Film About Emanuel Swedenborg (Nick Jordan, Jacob Cartwright, and Stephen McNeilly).

It is with great sadness that we note the death of Richard Lines, the former and long-term Secretary of the Swedenborg Society in London, who unexpectedly passed away on April 18th. The Society is one of our key co-sponsors of the June 2017 conference. For many who work in the microcosm of Swedenborg Studies, visiting the Society’s rich library and archive on Bloomsbury Square in the heart of London was inextricable from encountering Richard’s exuberant presence: someone always willing to share anecdotes and stories from the broad swath of his knowledge about Swedenborg’s reception history, and so quick to generously give insight into the various jewels of the Society’s collection (Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s copies of Swedenborg volumes, the voluminous collection of letters by James John Garth Wilkinson to Ralph Waldo Emerson, Coventry Patmore, and others). Richard was particularly deeply read around the history of Charles Augustus Tulk; one of Richard’s last major publications was an important monograph on the colorful two-hundred year history of the London Swedenborg Society — the oldest organization devoted to the (re)publishing of Swedenborg’s works, and to scholarship about his science, theology, and impact on arts and culture. Continue reading “In Memoriam: Richard Lines (1942–2017)”